Survival Yards

survival yard edit_01-01

Survival Yards is a livelihood and empowerment project that focuses on providing access to a piece of land with a well, pulley, donkey and cart, livestock, access to a reservoir, latrine, garden tools and seeds to persons with disabilities. Main objective of this project is to provide clean ground water that can be used for irrigation or at home, as water is of vital importance in the dry upper east region of Ghana and many people must travel great distances to obtain this life providing liquid. This challenge is magnified for those with physical impairments. To ensure access to water for people with disabilities and their families, PCBR travels to local farms and builds easy to use wells. The wells constructed, serve as a source of water for the beneficiaries and neighbouring homes especially when there is no source of water near the community. In addition this project also provides access to a variety of other resources such as seeds, including but not limited to cabbage, green pepper and tomato to be consumed by the family or sold to generate revenue to support the family. Survival yards is an ongoing project that takes place in wet and dry seasons and phase one of survival yards is scheduled to end in 2016.

Thus far, at least 30 households are benefiting from survival yards project under PCBR.