Social Inclusion Project


Savanna Accelerated Development Authority- Millennium Village Project (SADA-MVP) intervention, is a contract signed between PCBR and SADA-MVP to carry out social inclusion sensitizations in SADA-MVP operational communities and districts. The strategy has 3 main objectives;

  • To mobilise 35┬ácommunities in Moaduri, Bulsa South and Wale Wale districts through organizing community durbars on social inclusion for people with disabilities
  • To hold a minimum of 3 stakeholder engagement meetings where topics such as including vulnerable in development projects are discussed
  • To facilitate the access of vulnerable individuals in the community to Social Protection interventions by organising a minimum of 3 interactive sessions with National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS), District Assemblies, and Livelihood Empowerment against Poverty (LEAP)

This project plans to improve livelihood of people with disabilities while empowering them and increasing the social inclusivity of people with disabilities within the community. It covers activities implemented geared towards the first objective, which seeks to empower community members with appropriate knowledge to reduce or eliminate gaps that exacerbates social exclusion of vulnerable people, especially persons with disabilities. This sensitization will educate the community members to be responsive to disability and vulnerability issues, understand causes and prevention of disability, existence of social protection policies or programmes, specialised health services and how these programmes and services could be accessed. The rationale of these sensitizations is to promote social inclusive communities in which there will be equal opportunities for all persons regardless of their social status, disability, race and age.