The Life Project


Greetings from the LIFE Project Team! LIFE stands for Local Integration for Empowerment and our mission is to ensure that people with disabilities participate fully in all aspects of community life. Our work at PCBR is funded by ICS International Service, a programme which brings together Ghanaian and British volunteers to make positive change in communities across the Upper East region of Ghana. Our work at PCBR over the next three months will include:

  • Running three inclusive youth groups every week (Sandema Girls Club, Sandema Boys Club, and the ICT Club) – these sessions are a way to bring disabled and able-bodied children together to learn and have fun.
  • Sensitisations via the radio and in churches, mosques, and other community settings – these activities raise awareness of the rights of disabled people and promote positive attitudes towards people with disabilities.
  • Training for teachers – to promote inclusive learning approaches in physical education and academic/vocational subjects.
  • Research into the accessibility of the transport network for people with disabilities – this research will help PCBR to lobby for improvements to local infrastructure and changes to transport companies’ policies with regard to people with disabilities.

We thank PCBR for all their support in helping us to formulate our plans and look forward to working with them further.

IS-ICS LockupInternational Service offer volunteer placements in Latin America, the Middle East and West Africa, and work in areas such as female empowerment, disability rights and child poverty. You can be part of this global mission by volunteering abroad with International Service.

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