Self Help Group Report: Sandema, Chuchuliga & Sandema DPO meeting

In late June,CBR field workers David, Maurice and Rose teamed with the most recent set of interns from the University of Calgary had conducted research about the successes of the Self-Help model in the Upper East Region. Prompted by CBM, this team was mobilized to gain qualitative information about the impacts that these groups have on people with disabilities. The group aimed at conducting research within currently operational groups in both Sandema on June 19 and Chuchiliga on June 20.

Self Help Groups are peer run programs that allow individuals living with psychosocial and physical disabilities to come together to discuss issues that are of great concern to them, some of these issues included: problems surrounding farming, personal finance, social inclusion in the community. Not only do these groups create a safe space for discussion, these groups enable the PWDs in their respective communities to create a collective, unified voice. The variety of group members composed within the group only adds to the sense of unity and empowerment, and the majority of the members feel that they were accurately . The clients feel that these groups have greatly benefited their perceptions of disabilities and their own self-esteem and confidence.

While these groups have become increasingly popular because of the creation of a safe space for individuals to share their personal stories and perspectives of life. The two SHGs that we interviewed were unequally represented. More females attended than their male counterparts. We later found out that has created a unified, tight knit group that look at each other as equal, enhancing solidarity and creating a collective voice. This program has been an immense help to individuals who suffer from a variety of different ailments from dementia, depression or schizophrenia as well as physical disabilities. The successful implementation of this program has allowed the group members to come together and discuss issues that concern them a CBR field workers