Sports Day in Sandema

You are invited to Presby CBR’s Sports Day at Sandema Stadium on September 7th!


Join us for a day of sport featuring youth with disabilities from across the community. This event provides an opportunity for this group to showcase their ability to the rest of the community, with the goal of creating further opportunities for people with disabilities to be included in local events. By higlighting their capabilities, non disabled peoples will see that people with disabilities are not so different than themselves, which furthers CBR’s goals of social inclusion and empowerment for this marginalized group.

Presby CBR is excited to be hosting this event as part of the larger LIFE Project being delivered by International Service. The LIFE Project opens the way for inclusion and empowerment of people with disabilites across the community into cultural, physical and livelihood opportunities.

To learn more check out the Facebook page for the Feok Festival, or subscribe to their Twitter feed.

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