Our Team

Meet the team and the wonderful group of dedicated volunteers

Advisory Committee

The program has in place a nine member Advisory Committee which formulates policies and provides expert advice for management to enhance effective and efficient running of the project. The membership of the Advisory Committee consists of the following District institutions/organizations: Ghana Education Service, Ghana Health Services, Department of Social Welfare, Department of Community Development, Traditional Council, and Representative of the Disabled People Organization, District Minister, District Assembly and CBR Project Coordinator who acts as the secretary of the committee.

Our Staff

Maxwell Akandem

Project Coordinator

As the project coordinator, Maxwell Akandem oversees the general administration of the Presbyterian CBR programme. He plans, coordinates, and reports on the project’s activities. He supervises staff and financial accounts and prepares annuals budgets and reports. He also works closely with community leaders and members to develop projects that will benefit PCBR clients.

Maxwell lives in Sandema with his wife and three children. He has been with PCBR since 1996, working first as a field officer, then as a field supervisor. In 2002 he took on the role of acting project coordinator but took a leave in 2003 to study Integrated Development Studies at the University for Development Studies. He returned to PCBR in 2007 to continue with his role as project coordinator and has been working in that capacity since.  Maxwell is passionate about his work with PCBR because he wants to bring happiness to the poorest of the poor.

David Akanpentiba Achuroa

M & E Coordinator

David Akanpentiba Achuroa is the Monitoring and Evaluation Coordinator from Sandema, Ghana. He strives to ensure that projects are implemented according to the plan. He supports with fundraising and monitor activities lead by the Disabled Persons Organizations of surrounding communities and facilitate self-help groups (Mental Health and Parents with Children with Cerebral Palsy). David’s position in CBR is unique.

He joined first in 1998 as a client and progressed steadily to the position of a volunteer, team leader and now the current position. He is passionate about working with children and youth with disabilities. He completed a Bachelor of Science in Community Nutrition where he acquired critical thinking skills and applies them to his passions for development.

Apaapo Gilbert

Accounts Officer

Apaapo Gilbert is the accounts officer for PCBR. He is passionate about working for the organization and when he is not at the office he enjoys playing and watching football. Mr. Gilbert holds a Diploma in Business Development Studies in Accountancy from Bolgatanga Polytechnic.

Azunga Prince Kwesi

Field Officer

Azunga Prince Kwesi is a programme officer at PCBR for Sandema, Builsa North district. His primary roles include monitoring projects and clients in the field and collaborating with Disabled People’s Organizations in the communities. He is interested in working with PWDs to bridge the gap between disability issues and development practices in the area. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Entrepreneurship Development Studies from the University for Development Studies.


Our Interns


Abolnab Azantilow


Abolnab Azantilow is a student intern for PCBR originally from Sandema, with experience living in other parts of the country such as the capital, Accra. The meaning of his nickname Mealo goes in hand with his friendly nature. He was brought to PCBR by an academic opportunity to pursue an internship during the summer months. He chose PCBR particularly to improve his abilities to connect theory and practice in his field of study. He is currently an undergraduate student in a Human Resource Management program in Zenith University College.

Lina Adeetuk


Lina Adeetuk is also a student intern based in Sandema, Ghana where she is from. She attends the University of Ghana in Legon. She is pursuing a fascinating Bachelors degree in Geography and Resource Development with a minor in Archeology. She is brought to PCBR particularly to gain practical experience in field work and other organizational experience which aligns with the requirements of her studies. Lina is eager to learn and ready for adventures which is great for CBR field work assignments.

Adangabe Ebeneezer


Adangabe Ebeneezer is a Ghanaian intern from Kadema, Builsa South. He is attending the University of Development Studies and passionate about Health Science Education, which is his declared major. This degree relates heavily to PCBR’s education and health components of the matrix, which brought him to PCBR for practical experience related to this field. Ebeneezer is knowledgeable and eager for new achievements and goals in his career.

Abaween Noel


Abaween Noel is an intern from Kobdema, Sandema with an emerging interest in helping the cause of social inclusion and rights of people with disabilities in Ghana. He is currently a student at the University of Development Studies pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Integrated Community Development. Noel is a fast learner and eager to help others in the office to accomplish the vision of CBR.

Himasara Marasinghe


Himasara Marasinghe is an intern from Canada currently studying at the University of Calgary pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Ecology & Anthropology. What brought her to PCBR was the opportunity to work with people with disabilities and those who are marginalized from the community. She is grateful for the chance to gain practical experience in development and disability issues outside of a classroom setting. Her lively nature has helped her in embracing the cultural diversity in and outside of the office.

Kevin Capuno


Kevin Capuno is an intern from the University of Calgary in his final year of a combined degree in Urban Studies and International Development. His position at PCBR is twofold, as a nominee from the University of Calgary Internships in Development program, and a Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Scholarship Recipient, with generous funding provided by Universities Canada. Kevin is eager to acquire practical experience in international development experience in the field and integrate theory with development practice.