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Christian Blind Mission

The Christian Blind Mission have contributed funds and support to Presbyterian Community Based Rehabilitation since its inception in 1991. They have been a long standing sponsor of the PCBR program, and with their help we have managed to improve the lives of thousands of people living within our operational area.


Afrikids began working with PCBR 4 years ago in the delivery of Operation Sirigu. This project is focused on addressing the spirit child phenomenon, the belief that children born with disabilities are a curse upon their family and are not meant for this world. In order to combat this problem, PCBR offers support in early identification of health problems, physiotherapy, procurement of mobility tools, and medical referrals for people with disabilities.

Basic Needs

Basic Needs partners with PCBR in the area of mental health. Basic Needs provides capacity building training for leaders of local mental health groups, and they also engage in livelihood projects that help to support members of the mental health groups through microcredit loans.

Presbyterian Church of Ghana

The Presbyterian Church of Ghana is the legal owner of PCBR. They partnered with CBM in 1991 to deliver agricultural rehabilitation services for the blind. Today, their contribution allows our organization to hire two staff members who add noticeable value to the organization and it’s activities.

University of Calgary

The University of Calgary has been partnered with Presbyterian Community Based Rehabilitation for a number of years. The University has regularly sent two interns to work with PCBR as part of it’s Students For Development program. This year, the University of Calgary expanded it’s support by providing 4 extra interns who will be working for the organization for a 6 month period under the International Youth Internship Program.

Evangelical Mission in Solidarity(EMS)

EMS is an association of 23 churches and five mission societies in Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Europe. It is active in mission and church cooperation worldwide. It is a Christian community and work to enhance the living conditions worldwide. In particular, it advocates the rights of poor, marginalized and vulnerable people. It promotes a respectful encounter over cultural and religious borders.

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Together with our partners we have created positive change in the lives of thousands of people living within our operational area. Join us today!