More Soap Please!

PCBR is pleased to announce that the Sandema Soap Production Livelihood Project has seen a 23% growth in total assets over the last month. This comes as a result of business consulting and oversight by two PCBR staff, Sean Mcdonough and Rose Akanwondi Akanlami.

The business has grown to produce two complete batches of soap a week, producing a total of 980 individual pieces of duck soap, along with 80 pieces of ball soap produced by leftover soap pieces in that period. The business has been able to produce and sell more pieces due to improved community outreach. Local shops see the value in supporting a local DPO, and enjoy the cost savings by buying from a local producer. The growth in production has also been stimulated by a restructuring of soap batches. The batches have been cut into slightly smaller pieces and sold at a lower price, leading to a faster inventory turnover rate and an improved profit margin. Members of the Sandema DPO are optimistic about the future of the soap production business, believing that it will provide a sustainable livelihood for it’s members in the near future.