LIFE Project Phase 2

The following is a description of the activities undertaken by the second team come to work with CBR under the LIFE Project. 

A new team of volunteers arrived in April and furthered the LIFE Project along three thematic areas: livelihoods, cultural activities, and sports.

Livelihoods: International Service volunteers helped support the Sandema Disabled People’s Organisation by aiding in the development of a new Soap Making enterprise.  In May 2013, 24 trainees received instruction in soap making, which International Service volunteers supported with training in small-scale business management.  The team are supporting the organisation with a business plan, resource management, and marketing.  It is hoped the business will be able to provide an income for each of the trainees, but also support the Sandema Disabled People’s Organisation in other endeavours.

Cultural Activities: Volunteers have helped develop singing, dancing and drumming groups in 7 communities in the Builsa district, with the goal of witnessing the groups performing in 2013’s Feok festival.

CBR Sandema is appealing for donations of musical instruments, and financial support to develop the cultural groups in Sandema, Wiaga, Fumbisi, Siniensi, Chuchuliga, Kadema, and Gbedema.

Sports: Steps are being taken to develop a disability sports program in the Builsa district for children and young adults with disability. The team are investigated opportunities and developed links with community organisations and other NGOs.

Donations and financial support to develop a disability sports program to benefit people with disabilities in the district are most welcome.