Map of Sandema


Builsa Hospital The Bulsa District Hospital is located in Sandema. The hospital has many wards that provide a variety of health services. If necessary, the hospital can offer hearing and vision checkups asd well as minor surgery. Medications can also be picked up at the hospital pharmacy.
  Builsa Bank The Builsa Community Bank provides credit facilities that can be used to improve the economic activities of farmers, small businesses, public/civil servants, groups and artisans.
 CBR Community Based Rehabilitation is a grassroots NGO focused on supporting people with disabilities. CBR provides a variety of services related to health, business, and social acceptance. The end goal of CBR’s activities is to empower people with disabilities.
Community Center The Sandema Community Center has facilities that can be used for sports and meetings.
Conifah The Conifah Guest House provides catering and guest house services. Meet here for food, drink or a nice place to stay.Contact 0208294137 to make reservations.
District Assembly The District Assembly is where he Bulsa districts’ political leaders work on community development initiatives.
 Sandema DPO The Sandema Disabled People’s Organization center provides a meeting space for members of the local DPO. It is here that the members produce soap and others goods that will be sold to the community.
Health Directorate The District Health Directorate handles health care in the Bulsa districts.
Fire Station 2 The Sandema Fire Hall provides fire services to the Sandema area.
Fistrad Resource Center The Fistrad Resource Center is both a library and a training center. The library is open from 9am to 7pm, and has a large selection of fiction and non-fiction that can be read for free. The center also offers remedial classes for senior high students that run weekly.
The training center offers training in sewing and weaving. At the end of the course students receive a certificate of completion.
 Good Family Good Family is a store located on the main road in Sandema town. Visit good family to purchase a variety of goods including cell phones and phone credit, basic and speciality food stuffs, cleaning supplies and mechanical parts.
HCC Horizons Children’s Centre (HCC) is a Canadian charitable project. Established in 2000, HCC currently provides support for 24 boys and 16 girls. The boys live together in a home where they receive care and educational opportunities. HCC also supports women with their scholarship program.
ICT Training CenterICT Center ICT Training Center
MOFA 1 MOFA/IFAD – Ministry of Food and Agriculture and International Fund for Agricultural Development
Police The Police Headquarters is also situated beside the Sandema court house.
Presby Agri Presby Agric offers agricultural services for local subsistence farmers.
church The Sandema Presbyterian Church offers religious services. Community worship begins at 9:30 am on Sundays and runs until 12pm. The church also has women and youth groups, along with a church choir and singing band.
Radio Builsa Radio Builsa operates as a non commercial education focused community radio station on frequency 106.5FM. The motto of the station is to give a “voice to the voiceless” by presenting programs that focus on education, entertainment, community information, and international news.
Sandema Resource Center 2 The Sandema Resource Center is part of the Horizions Children Center organization. The resource centre offers internet services for 1.4GH₵/hour. You can also print pages at 0.5GH₵/page or you can photocopy pages for 0.1GH₵/page. Looking to get a report bound? The SRC can do that as well with prices ranging from 1.5GH₵ to 3.0GH₵.