Cerebral Palsy Support Groups

Presbyterian CBR is currently developing a new support program aimed at improving the quality of life of our clients living with cerebral palsy.

The goal of this new program is to provide both physiotherapy training and social support to parents of children living with cerebral palsy. Currently, our cerebral palsy clients rely on our physiotherapist to administer important physio exercises, but it has often proven ineffective due to the irregular schedule of the sessions. With training, the parents will now be able to administer the exercises themselves on a regular basis, leading to a reduction in the severity of cerebral palsy symptoms, and improving the overall mobility of our cp clients. PCBR is also helping to improve the social support available for these parents by aiding in the creation of self-help groups which provide parents with a community network they can rely on for help.

Thus far, PCBR has succeeded in establishing groups in Sirigu, Chiana, Fumbisi, and soon Sandema will join the list. These groups see mothers come together to support one another in the caring of their children and have been met with great enthusiasm by participants.